Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hello February

This morning I went to Mass followed by Adoration. Christ no doubt filled me with the grace to take on today, the awareness to work in love and in joy, and give thanks to Him.

I just like to say a few (or many) things...

Our matron, Justine, is absolutely amazing. Her work ethic and joy in everything she does is something I have never seen before! She cares for all of our children so well. Sleeps with them, bathes the littles, cleans up everything imaginable, washes clothes and sheets, walks for water for the little ones, takes them to the hospital, and so much more. Today I was just amazed at everything she accomplished throughout the day.

This afternoon Ismael had been sleeping for a couple of hours in an unusual spot. But as funny and odd as he is it didn't seem too unusual. At one point though, I looked over and his whole body was shaking. I ran over and he felt as hot as the sun. His body shaking and shaking. Justine came over and picked him up and the moment she did he threw up many many times. In the smoothest and quickest way she undressed him, washed him up, gave him new clothes and took him to the hospital (which is conveniently right next door!). Prayers for little Ismael! He doesn't have malaria, just high fever and vomiting. He is being treated accordingly.

Our kids are getting more used to being here and learning to enjoy - learning! Last week we had 11 wonder/run off campus, four refused at least one meal, two of the older ones had to be chased down by myself, one tried hitting a teacher, and others crying for parents. But this week we have already seen so much improvement and change of behavior! Their signs are picking up quickly and it's both wonderful and amazing to see..They are running around playful and getting used to the routine. Today was a public holiday but there was no way of explaining that to our kids and they are all now way to anxious to be in the classroom. We taught for half the time, had a long break, and after lunch we colored for a really long time! I was amazed how focused and happy each child was to color. I will most likely have to buy more crayons next week!

Things have been crazy and I've never been more busy or thankful for the business. Due to circumstances that are out of my hands I am not yet able to sleep at the school or the parish near the school. Every morning I travel on a boda (motorcycle) to school and every late evening I come home. Everyday I bring my paper work to school, and sometimes my laptop, in the laughable attempt that I will have time to organize, write documents, and respond to emails. And everyday I end up getting home late without any of that done. And when that happens, like now for example, I can easily forget all that happens in the day and feel like a failure instead. But little by little it will get done. Slowly by slowly as they say here..

I am overwhelmed and amazed at everything. How far God has brought us and how everything keeps continuing and growing when it all seems impossible. There's no doubt that God and my mother have kept me alive through all of this. We are going through so many transitions at school in every area it seems. And everyday I am learning more and more about the Alur people - sometimes good things and sometimes bad/difficult things.

I am more then thankful for the prayers that I know are coming from many people and the encouraging messages and phone calls from friends and family. I am also in awe of the donations that keep coming in...that allow St. Francis de Sales School for the Deaf to continue another day.
Please pray for the 29 kiddos we have, for our staff, for our water issue to be solved, for good health to everyone (especially these little ones who have been getting very sick), the funds to continue on and expand, the grace to teach/to learn, the safety for us all, and for myself - for an increased prayer life and that I may always serve in love united with Him.

Thank you, God bless you

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